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Gorilla Fireworks 


Did you know...

that the proceeds from various fundraisers and donations at NPCS saves you approximately $1000 per student in tuition costs?  The money generated from our partnership with Gorilla Fireworks alone contributes about 75% of that savings.  What a blessing!  We ask that our parents and staff volunteer for eight (8) hours in the summer and eight (8) hours in the winter.  We know that some would prefer to complete their time in summer and that is okay but that means working 16 hours!  The benefit of this fundraiser is shared, let’s share in the work.  As a thank you for doing your part, you can purchase you own fireworks at 50% off when you have completed your hours.  Keep in mind that friends and family (18 and older) get the same discount when they volunteer and complete 8 hours.

Robert B describes a fireworks show he designed at Gorilla Fireworks.